Tere! I'm Mikk Olli, a digital product designer with a growing love for photography. I was born in Estonia, today I am working as a Head of Design in Boston.

My interest in photography started when I was about 15 experimenting with an old Zenit film camera. For the longest time, it only remained a way of documenting my life, but after moving to the other end of the world in 2013 I found myself glued to my camera and started thinking more consciously about what and why am I capturing.

Once I realized that the minimalist and introvert in me had been avoiding human subject matter I challenged myself to do the opposite and start shooting street photography every week. Today I am more hooked than ever and trying
 to challenge myself again by getting closer to capture portraits of people around me.

I'd love to work together or hear your feedback! 
Say hi at mikkolli@gmail.com